Ten fatal marketing mistakes

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Ten fatal marketing mistakes

The new products now become to face a big fail

And Advertising companies unable to get any new ways .

Statistical to be proven that mail assault utility is 1%

This day,most products to be distinguished by exchange to any similar product without any damages or dangerous

And the trade label mark become under the seal of forgetting

Why the marketing failed ?

Dean marketing science Philip Kotler defines main ten reasons and consider it Failures in Contemporary marketing practices:

1 - Lack of focus and companies direction to marketing targeting customers adequately.

2 - Lack of understanding and absorption of the Foundation to target customers, in terms of needs and the changes that haunt them.

3 - The company's failure to follow up and monitor the conditions of its competitors, thus delayed them, and keep pace with any developments on them.

4 - Poor management of the institution to its relations with shareholders, either ignoring or completely without focusing on other requirements.

5 - unable to find new opportunities, or to identify and seize it, like any new technological development, or any new markets, or even any gaps or leave a vacuum left the market.

6 - Shortcomings and errors in marketing planning procedures, Calfhm wrong or the market mechanisms.

7 - Inadequate policies in production, customer service, thereby wasting any marketing efforts by the institution.

8 - Poor company attempts and efforts to form a company brand and delivery to customers.

9 - Organization not well, to reflect on the efforts of marketing.

10 - Not to exploit technological development are insufficient, thus helping to arrange the deterioration of the company on the list of successful companies attending the evolution and improvement of exploitation in their favor.

Kotler concludes his book by ten commandments of a successful marketing effective are:

1 - The division of market sectors and the selection of the best and the formation of a strong center there.

2 – drawing Mapping of customer needs and to identify their perspective and behavior and motivation to buy.

3 - Identify the strongest competitors of the company at risk

4 - A partnership with shareholders and reward good confidence in the company

5 –build system to identify seize opportunities

6 - Building long-term planning to market the company's products initiative and not a response to compete with other companies

7 - Control and control of the company's powerful combination of products and services provided by

8 - Building a better and stronger brands excellence first, and then use the best tools for advertising and promotion

9 - Linking different sectors and departments within the company's marketing campaign

10 - Keep up with modern technology constantly, which has become the Faisal in the development of companies and their competitiveness and sales.

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