Scenes from Starbucks experience

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Scenes from Starbucks experience

In his book about ( Starbucks ) , American author Joseph A. Michelle showing

Many scenes to the way that workers in Starbucks Cafe serve customers by it.

At first I want to told you that my purpose is not advertise to Starbucks café but my purpose is show you success stories to learn from It.

This book worthy of reading and learn from experiences in it that I can in short it in one advice (adore your customers)

On of my best stories in this book is that mike Kay finished from project staying up at night on it and decide to go from his house to rejuvenation and to wish to drink his favorite drink (coffee with vanilla ) so he drive his car and reached to Starbucks but the time was very early so Starbucks was closed, after his disappointed and his feeling that he can not drink his favorite drink, workman out from café and ask mike if he would to drink something.

Mike now is lifetime customer to Starbucks café and work as free advertising tool to starbucks.

- The waiter ( bernadet haris ) don’t love make ( Frapitsheno ) because it take more time than the usual coffee take ,this was before he talk with customer that his doctor advise him to drink (Frapitsheno ) because it very useful.

- when the place of American office transferred, workers in this office was drink usually from Starbucks.then the manager of this starbucks make favorite coffee of them and told hem about Starbucks place that is near of the new place of office of them.

- when peter Nicole to be hindered in front of Starbucks café in Colombia when he was to flee form storm, three of workers in Starbucks see hem and toke peter to hospital and the manager of Starbucks pay hospital's invoice and stay with peter.

- The policy of Sstarbucks is that every thing important and every person more important than any thing.

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  1. Jason's Killer Adventure // 20 September 2008 at 16:11  

    If anyone has ever listened to my online radio show, you've heard me harp on this same topic ad nausem. If Starbucks can create a mass market for $5 coffee, entrepreneurs can surely create a leveraged market for any idea. Just add logo.

    Great work. Look forward to reading more.

    jason spurlock
    Online Business Entrepreneurs

  2. Sherifer921 // 20 September 2008 at 19:26  

    thanks my dear