Marketing Is Power

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Marketing Is Power

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Marketing Freebie

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Marketing Freebie

While the whole world knows the name of Gillette as a sign months shaver in the world, that come from the company that invented the concept of safe hairdressing. Invented the concept of razors are for change, But what many do not know us is that its founder King Camp Gillette also invented a new kind of marketing, called the marketing of free samples or Freebie Marketing.

The 40-year-old was a man of sales Gillette shave days, found blade has lost its futile and No useless attempts to sharpen their edges.

So they broke it, so much so that the Gillette glued together, and here it landed two ideas

First shaver innovation can change the head / decryption easily, with new ones sharp.

Second: put a double razor.

These ideas known to his mind after receiving advice from the Director inventor of the bottles, which closed its head cut off cork, he advised him to invent something used by people for a while, then get rid of it and buy other new!

After five years of research and development to find the way to the production of razors, high, low, small, are installed on razors, Gillette reached an industry that was the way all of these requirements, Then he fever his idea and The establishment of the American company to have a shave safe in 1901 And renamed the following year to Gillette.

But. Do people buy razors, which emerged from his factories in 1903?

No, in the first year, sold 51 shaver and a 168 razor

So brilliant idea occurred to him, donated Gillette shaving machines free of charge or at reduced rates, to people use it and then buy new blades wear after the first free damaged and was among of his free gifts U.S Army.

In short, this is Marketing Freebie

Does this remind you something?

Japanese cars do you mean, that was decades ago comes cheaply, but the spare parts were insanely high prices , So it was wise to buy a car fully and dismantled it and sale it better than the original purchase of spare parts, Of course, brilliant Japanese reached spare parts dismantled after the damage if used.

Did you mean or the story of Standard Oil Company of America in the last century, when the owner John Rockefeller grant China eight million kerosene lamp without charge, Chinese happy this gift and used them, but after accustomed to strong light, were forced to buy kerosene from the Rockefeller and made him rich.

Perhaps you or do you mean companies like HP printers and Epson and Samsung, which sells printers, religious prices, while prices of the ink printers something less simple than the new printer.

Or Perhaps you remember American singer Prince, when he agreed in the summer of 2007 to attach a music CD album another pregnancy, with one of the most famous English daily newspapers, the Daily Mail, which paid him nearly one million dollars for a total of 2.8 million music CD. This step came before, and already, shortly Estate Prince concert in London, which won a 23.4 million dollars in ticket sales record, while the Gazette an increase of 20% in the distribution of that day.

Redemption of this story :

- Good ideas come from recurring problems

- Do not despair of achieving your idea (Gillette years ago continued to see profit )

- Invented something cheap people use it ,then they want more from it, I do not mean that the drug trade (kidding!)

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Marketing Mistakes

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Marketing Mistakes

Does not match / Involve your name / The name of your product/ Your company name anything yield / concept / negative reflection in the minds of people.
Look at this picture and thought, Is it possible to see the Apple or Intel or Coca Cola or Toyota or Lexis or Mercedes or the Ritz Hotel or Damas or other famous brands that we know in our world today Declaration place ?
Why not? Think deep and long
The functioning of the human brain based on the establishment of relations between objects and the Horn of them
The sense that the garbage litter the small This is a natural negative reaction in the minds of all of us
for example, you do not want to sit near him, Does not want to meet your vital work for him
Your need for such tools are temporary and momentary not continue. The next time you'll see this logo definitely will remember this picture, or find yourself not emotionally alienated by the logo as to why you do not know.
Another example of such a marketing mistake (with the negative things)
When we saw from two years advertising company was want to place bulletin board in Bathrooms
Many of marketing manager Disturbed from this idea
But company ( SONY of Gulf ) have decided to put ads for the PlayStation2 in these places
Follow me for one of these places bulletin board, everyone was heat this so much
The inevitable end was the removal of these panels and the disappearance of this new fad..
Finally: do not match your name or the name of your product or service name or the name of your company by anything have negative impression of a people .
And Does not work in a company that has a bad reputation
And does not relationship with People / Companies / products / propaganda bad reputation or cause any defect in the negative reactions.
Always maintained your name and everything related to you
Be sure to be accompanied by all that is positive and likable to Human life.

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Ten fatal marketing mistakes

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Ten fatal marketing mistakes

The new products now become to face a big fail

And Advertising companies unable to get any new ways .

Statistical to be proven that mail assault utility is 1%

This day,most products to be distinguished by exchange to any similar product without any damages or dangerous

And the trade label mark become under the seal of forgetting

Why the marketing failed ?

Dean marketing science Philip Kotler defines main ten reasons and consider it Failures in Contemporary marketing practices:

1 - Lack of focus and companies direction to marketing targeting customers adequately.

2 - Lack of understanding and absorption of the Foundation to target customers, in terms of needs and the changes that haunt them.

3 - The company's failure to follow up and monitor the conditions of its competitors, thus delayed them, and keep pace with any developments on them.

4 - Poor management of the institution to its relations with shareholders, either ignoring or completely without focusing on other requirements.

5 - unable to find new opportunities, or to identify and seize it, like any new technological development, or any new markets, or even any gaps or leave a vacuum left the market.

6 - Shortcomings and errors in marketing planning procedures, Calfhm wrong or the market mechanisms.

7 - Inadequate policies in production, customer service, thereby wasting any marketing efforts by the institution.

8 - Poor company attempts and efforts to form a company brand and delivery to customers.

9 - Organization not well, to reflect on the efforts of marketing.

10 - Not to exploit technological development are insufficient, thus helping to arrange the deterioration of the company on the list of successful companies attending the evolution and improvement of exploitation in their favor.

Kotler concludes his book by ten commandments of a successful marketing effective are:

1 - The division of market sectors and the selection of the best and the formation of a strong center there.

2 – drawing Mapping of customer needs and to identify their perspective and behavior and motivation to buy.

3 - Identify the strongest competitors of the company at risk

4 - A partnership with shareholders and reward good confidence in the company

5 –build system to identify seize opportunities

6 - Building long-term planning to market the company's products initiative and not a response to compete with other companies

7 - Control and control of the company's powerful combination of products and services provided by

8 - Building a better and stronger brands excellence first, and then use the best tools for advertising and promotion

9 - Linking different sectors and departments within the company's marketing campaign

10 - Keep up with modern technology constantly, which has become the Faisal in the development of companies and their competitiveness and sales.

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Scenes from Starbucks experience

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Scenes from Starbucks experience

In his book about ( Starbucks ) , American author Joseph A. Michelle showing

Many scenes to the way that workers in Starbucks Cafe serve customers by it.

At first I want to told you that my purpose is not advertise to Starbucks café but my purpose is show you success stories to learn from It.

This book worthy of reading and learn from experiences in it that I can in short it in one advice (adore your customers)

On of my best stories in this book is that mike Kay finished from project staying up at night on it and decide to go from his house to rejuvenation and to wish to drink his favorite drink (coffee with vanilla ) so he drive his car and reached to Starbucks but the time was very early so Starbucks was closed, after his disappointed and his feeling that he can not drink his favorite drink, workman out from café and ask mike if he would to drink something.

Mike now is lifetime customer to Starbucks café and work as free advertising tool to starbucks.

- The waiter ( bernadet haris ) don’t love make ( Frapitsheno ) because it take more time than the usual coffee take ,this was before he talk with customer that his doctor advise him to drink (Frapitsheno ) because it very useful.

- when the place of American office transferred, workers in this office was drink usually from Starbucks.then the manager of this starbucks make favorite coffee of them and told hem about Starbucks place that is near of the new place of office of them.

- when peter Nicole to be hindered in front of Starbucks café in Colombia when he was to flee form storm, three of workers in Starbucks see hem and toke peter to hospital and the manager of Starbucks pay hospital's invoice and stay with peter.

- The policy of Sstarbucks is that every thing important and every person more important than any thing.

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Marketing Insights from A to Z

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Marketing Insights from A to Z
80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know
Philip Kotler
ISBN 0-471-26867-4

This is summary of some of what came in a book.

And that where the writer Philip Kotler, (dean of marketing in the world), for some fine points in the science of marketing.

Problem facing business today is not lack of shortages of goods but lake of consumer

Most industries today can provide the goods exceeding the ability of consumers to purchase

Reason for this is due to annual growth rates projected by competitors, over and above the actual market growth rate.

If every company that has sought to achieve the expected growth rate in sales of 10%, while the actual proportion of the market growth of 3% is what is happening is the increased surplus

This excessive increase guide to fierce competition

leading to competitors struggled to consumers, appears in the form of reduced prices, providing more incentives marketing and special offers leading to reduced profit margin thereby diminishing profits

Leading ultimately to grate losses guide to companies collapse

Marketing answers on how to compete on the basis of other factors than price factor

Does not consider marketing that is art of sale products and not confuse marketing with the sale because they "hardly" they are opposites

but considered marketing that is the art of create new value unprecedented relevance to the consumer

helping the consumer to get more value from the buy process

Remember these three words well: quality, service and value.

Sale begins when the (manufacturing / production) product already, while marketing starts much earlier, it is the duty of the company, which requires them to determine what people need and what companies should provide

You can learn marketing in the day, but you will need a whole lifetime for professionals to master the art of marketing!

i advice you to read full book

you can get read this book from this link

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Why we must to adore Marketing

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Why we must to adore Marketing

Marketing is the tool to increase revenues obtained from a business.

Those returns gives you more revenue, makes your live a better

Marketing Science tries to understand what makes the person agrees to purchase a commodity / service-specific, and spent from his money that he tired to collect.

Marketing is a series of decisions taken by smart when it begins commercial activity

Trying for a way to obtain financial DISCRETION, thus becoming the owner of career and you yourself, enjoy success beach, take steps when successful, would return profits and success

Some think that he could not marketing creature, and thinks this is not true, marketing experts replay that every person mastered the sale , and enough attention to the infant, and the goods are tears and laughter, and demand is the food and farms. You do not find a child (normally) do not cry and his mother not to Earn, a child knows by instinct how to get rewarded just, tears, laughter and how rewards and face when launching Assurer obtain what it wants.

Look at the men who run the big companies to see Lena manageable in the expert hands of his son Abe, who knows how entices him until all of it on what he wants. From any book or source of this child knows how to persuade his father to buy him the goods?

So Marketing is the way to start a successful private business, and because the verification DISCRETION departure

Every success story, you'll find marketing hand, and that you want to succeed, you should seek the help of marketing science, but must be passionate about, because of the benefits you from behind.

Imagine yourself free from the sterile, which hold the post by yourself, imagine yourself free from your manager, who thinks he Smarter only because he has much money - no more.

Imagine yourself consequent steps already, in order to increase sales, and imagine actually increase sales, which increased winnings as a result, plans expand and enlarge activity, and imagine the amount of freedom enjoyed by, all this needs to master marketing

For this, we must love marketing, not marketing books in the university, but the marketing of life.

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The Purpose of this blog

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The Purpose of this blog

Everything in this world has reason and purpose justifying its existence

What reason could justify this blog to exceed noise of the internet?

What about reforming the world? Achieving world peace?

Is it impossible?

The impossible is only a state of mind - not actual - impossible to achieve today, yesterday, today and the impossible is expected tomorrow invincible

In this blog I tell you stories of successful, and how oppression impossible

And tell you about marketing, this beautiful art that must you know it to can be successful person and get much money

You must active your mind to change your life

To success you must persuasion yourself that you will success

The success starting from you

You have the resolution to learn from me or click on little X button on the top right

Always remember (I not sell bread but I will teach you how to make it)

In short this is purpose of this blog