The Success Story Of A Millionaire
Starting From nearly Zero Cent In Her

Her husband got the idea a few years ago when a friend left the worn out bus in their yard. As the bus could not be used for transport anymore and was abandoned in the couple’s yard, they decided to us it for another function in the small commerce. Mrs. Mala, by all her means, was planning to launch. She had just received a permit to sell food items to the public, so she furnished the bus and started selling in it.

She was fortunate to have a piece of wasteland facing the sea of Flic En Flac to park her little restaurant. A fresh smell of the sea helps customers to relax as they wait for their food, and while they eat, they can appreciate the turquoise seawater right across the road. Very relaxing indeed, the newness is enough to make the Mauritian feel like a tourist on his own land. As a matter of fact, many Mauritians on their road to and from Macondé like to stop by and enquire about the strange-looking bus, which at first looks like it has been changed into a house.

People who go to the sea stop by to eat bread or fried chilies (which the Mauritian Creole called it “gâteau piments”). That lady relates how she receives the visit of tourists and Mauritian passers-by that are curious about the famous bus. One of the thing Mala says she learned when she opened the snack is how to speak to the people to make them spend a pleasant time. She says that friends and relatives living in the area also come to have a chat. What strikes the tourists’ attention is the covering of the Holy pictures that decorate the bus. Jesus is the Lord of lords. “I am very religious, and to me all religions are the same. God is God, no matter what religion you belong to. I say my prayers when I am free. Even in my house there are holy pictures everywhere. I pray mostly to keep myself in good health”, Mala says.

She leaves her house to open the snack after she finishes her housework. What triggered her application for a permit to sell food was her willingness to find a small hobby that would give her a little pocket money. Mala dislikes sitting and doing nothing in the house, she prefers to come out and sell her snacks. Commenting on unemployment, she says that she herself unemployed and was able to make her own little snack, which is working well because it is first and foremost food that people are always looking for.

“Everyone should do something is his life. I am earning enough with this small business, and I am making small profits. It would be good if those who don’t have anything to do could start a small business of selling in a snack.” She says.

Worse than tsunami

During her maiden years, Mala used to live in Vacoas one of the only town in the midst of the Island of Mauritius, but if you gave her a chance to choose, the village of St Martin would be her favorite. Living by the seaside of Flic En Flac has changed her destiny. With the beautiful sea and people playing carom under the trees in the afternoons and during the weekend, life is much more relaxing and it feels like paradise on earth.

Mala grew up in Vacoas and she really prefers to live here at Flic En Flac because it is a more peaceful area. However, living near the coast causes a few anxieties sometimes. With threats of a tsunami or of tidal waves, she is scared that one day the sea may destroy her house.

After the tsunami last year, she has become much fearful that the water level would rise up. However, it was not so bad because she and her family were able to go and watch the big waves by the beach and they are used to the whims of the sea. The recent tidal waves have pushed corals across the road up to her bus. Fortunately her house is further away, but she is still afraid that it gets worse later because the sea looks unreliable. There was wave on Sunday, it had stopped on Monday and then it suddenly caught them by surprised on Tuesday.


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Marketing Ideas That You Must See

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Marketing Ideas That You Must See

Marketing is very important for any business to flourish and grow. Launch of any new product or launch of any new company or upcoming business needs to marketed in a proper way to attract customers and avail maximum benefits. Marketing is very important for the success of any product. Marketing is the art of selling the product to people and making them understand the importance of that product in their daily life. One has to also explain all the features and benefits of the product in order to get the customer interested and make him buy the product.

Best marketing ideas:

Free products: Giving away free samples of your product is the best way of marketing. Everybody loves free stuff and usually get attracted to it. Also if the ample product is very good then people immediately get impressed and go ahead and buy the product. The free products can be distributed on the streets, in a shopping mall, hotel or even distributed with the daily news paper. Distributing these sample products with the daily news paper is the best way to distribute sample products as people usually don't say no for it and this gives you a chance to generate a large customer base.

Eatables and drinks: In case of eatables and drinks one can always give a small bite or a small sip to all the customers visiting your stall.

Appliances: Some new electronics appliance can be marketed by putting up a stall and then practically showing the uses of that appliance. For better response you can let the people handle it and get a first hand experience on that appliance.

Big products: Big products are best marketed by putting them on display in electronic stores and by advertising. If the piece that is on display is impressive and attractive then people are sure to get attracted and may buy the product.

Door to door marketing: This is another good marketing idea. Door to door marketing can also be termed as person to person marketing. In this type of marketing strategy, people go from door to door or house to house and then tell the customers the details and benefits of that particular product. These people also carry a sample product with them. They lure the customer by promising them to sell the product at a discounted rate. This is a very effective technique of marketing as people usually get interested in the product and also a one on one chat with the marketing guy is more efficient and impressive.

Phone marketing: Phone marketing is another way of person to person marketing. Here the telephone marketing agents call up the prospect customer on his mobile or on his land line and then give all the information of the product. They also offer him best deals if he is planning to buy the product immediately. These telephone marketers usually get the best out of the customer only if they are efficient speakers and can make the customer interested in their talks.

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7 Keys To Money And The Flow Of Business

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7 Keys To Money And The Flow Of


Are you a small business owner? If you are you probably ended up in y our business because of a skill you have or a desire to make money as well as offer a product or service that would be of value to people.

"I just want to help people." I simply want to do what I love." These are real statements I recently heard from a massage therapist and an artist who approached me for business help.

The artist I worked with, decided that she just wanted to do her art and not focus on having to make money from it. With that clarity she realized that her art was her passion and business. Making art came first and making money from her art came second.

The massage therapist decided that she wanted to create a health and wellness business so we looked at what she had to do to develop her small practice into a sustainable business. Making money was very important to her.

In a business, the owner takes risks and in return expects a financial return. Without the financial success, helping people or selling products can get old fairly quickly.

Your responsibility as the business owner is to make sure the business has the cash it needs. The goal is to increase the cash coming in and to decrease the cash going out. You are developing your business in ways to create more money streams and more ways to help your customers.

By developing good money health, the easier it will be to express your passion and help the people you want to help. Here are a series of questions that can help you to do a self-assessment of the money arena of your business. There are no right or wrong answers but looking at these questions will alert you to what you need to develop within yourself in order to grow a sustainable business.

1. How well do you pay attention to the cash flow in your business Do you know how much is going in and out?

2.How would you rate your money management? Do you plan ahead or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

3. Do you have enough money or do you struggle? Do you feel stressed around money or do you trust that enough is always coming in?

4. Do you have regular profit and loss statements that you analyze?

5. Do you know much money you want your business to gross this year? Have you written down that figure and do you know what income streams will bring that in?

6. Do you generally meet your money goals, exceed or fall short?

7. Do you have issues around setting prices for your products or services or is it clear and easy?

Notice what your responses were to the above questions. It may help you to know where you need to get some help. Small business is hard work and if you are going to work that hard you certainly deserve to have the money flow as well.

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