The Right Marketing for the Right Customers

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The Right Marketing for the Right Customers

Not all forms of marketing work well with every industry or every customer.

This shouldn't be new, and I suspect anyone who has spent any great length in the world of marketing will be aware of it. Research is the key component to a strong marketing push, and the best way to figure out what marketing will serve you best.

I don't intend to go over every type of color printing there is in order to tell you what kinds will make the best advertising for your industry, but I will go over some guidelines to be aware of so you'll be better positioned to make that decision yourself.

The first question to ask is what your overall message is going to be. This is the core of your marketing and what will bring people into your specific store. If you don't know this, I'd suggest holding off on any marketing until you have your answer.

But going off of the assumption that you have a good idea of how you plan on targeting people, ask yourself how long or short this is. A low price is a nice, short message. For a service industry, using your experience in the field is going to be longer and more complicated of a message.

Does this mean the low prices message is better? Not at all, it will just require a different application of color printing to be done right.

For a low price message you'll want short forms of advertising like postcards, flyers, or posters. Each of these are good at delivering a simple, to the point message. In fact, they're particularly bad at longer messages because you can only pack in so much information before your ad will suffer.

The experience approach will be best served with something like brochures or booklets These give you the room to offer all the information about yourself you'll need to. These are also going to suffer if used with a short message because you'll have too much space to fill and not enough to say.

And right here I'm only talking about color printing. There are far more options for your marketing, including commercials on the radio and TV, giant billboards, and internet ads to name a few.

As with the earlier examples I gave, each format has different strengths to it and works best with different types of marketing messages. That's why knowing your message is a very important first step towards delivering the best marketing possible.

Only the right amount of research will help you know what each of these different types of advertising avenues can offer you, and how you can best use them to promote your business. The more research you do ahead of time the less risk you face in pairing up your message with an advertising format that doesn't suit it very well.

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