Marketing Insights from A to Z

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Marketing Insights from A to Z
80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know
Philip Kotler
ISBN 0-471-26867-4

This is summary of some of what came in a book.

And that where the writer Philip Kotler, (dean of marketing in the world), for some fine points in the science of marketing.

Problem facing business today is not lack of shortages of goods but lake of consumer

Most industries today can provide the goods exceeding the ability of consumers to purchase

Reason for this is due to annual growth rates projected by competitors, over and above the actual market growth rate.

If every company that has sought to achieve the expected growth rate in sales of 10%, while the actual proportion of the market growth of 3% is what is happening is the increased surplus

This excessive increase guide to fierce competition

leading to competitors struggled to consumers, appears in the form of reduced prices, providing more incentives marketing and special offers leading to reduced profit margin thereby diminishing profits

Leading ultimately to grate losses guide to companies collapse

Marketing answers on how to compete on the basis of other factors than price factor

Does not consider marketing that is art of sale products and not confuse marketing with the sale because they "hardly" they are opposites

but considered marketing that is the art of create new value unprecedented relevance to the consumer

helping the consumer to get more value from the buy process

Remember these three words well: quality, service and value.

Sale begins when the (manufacturing / production) product already, while marketing starts much earlier, it is the duty of the company, which requires them to determine what people need and what companies should provide

You can learn marketing in the day, but you will need a whole lifetime for professionals to master the art of marketing!

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