Marketing Freebie

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Marketing Freebie

While the whole world knows the name of Gillette as a sign months shaver in the world, that come from the company that invented the concept of safe hairdressing. Invented the concept of razors are for change, But what many do not know us is that its founder King Camp Gillette also invented a new kind of marketing, called the marketing of free samples or Freebie Marketing.

The 40-year-old was a man of sales Gillette shave days, found blade has lost its futile and No useless attempts to sharpen their edges.

So they broke it, so much so that the Gillette glued together, and here it landed two ideas

First shaver innovation can change the head / decryption easily, with new ones sharp.

Second: put a double razor.

These ideas known to his mind after receiving advice from the Director inventor of the bottles, which closed its head cut off cork, he advised him to invent something used by people for a while, then get rid of it and buy other new!

After five years of research and development to find the way to the production of razors, high, low, small, are installed on razors, Gillette reached an industry that was the way all of these requirements, Then he fever his idea and The establishment of the American company to have a shave safe in 1901 And renamed the following year to Gillette.

But. Do people buy razors, which emerged from his factories in 1903?

No, in the first year, sold 51 shaver and a 168 razor

So brilliant idea occurred to him, donated Gillette shaving machines free of charge or at reduced rates, to people use it and then buy new blades wear after the first free damaged and was among of his free gifts U.S Army.

In short, this is Marketing Freebie

Does this remind you something?

Japanese cars do you mean, that was decades ago comes cheaply, but the spare parts were insanely high prices , So it was wise to buy a car fully and dismantled it and sale it better than the original purchase of spare parts, Of course, brilliant Japanese reached spare parts dismantled after the damage if used.

Did you mean or the story of Standard Oil Company of America in the last century, when the owner John Rockefeller grant China eight million kerosene lamp without charge, Chinese happy this gift and used them, but after accustomed to strong light, were forced to buy kerosene from the Rockefeller and made him rich.

Perhaps you or do you mean companies like HP printers and Epson and Samsung, which sells printers, religious prices, while prices of the ink printers something less simple than the new printer.

Or Perhaps you remember American singer Prince, when he agreed in the summer of 2007 to attach a music CD album another pregnancy, with one of the most famous English daily newspapers, the Daily Mail, which paid him nearly one million dollars for a total of 2.8 million music CD. This step came before, and already, shortly Estate Prince concert in London, which won a 23.4 million dollars in ticket sales record, while the Gazette an increase of 20% in the distribution of that day.

Redemption of this story :

- Good ideas come from recurring problems

- Do not despair of achieving your idea (Gillette years ago continued to see profit )

- Invented something cheap people use it ,then they want more from it, I do not mean that the drug trade (kidding!)

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